Joe Manganiello Gives Me a Pep Talk in this NEW Clip From Pee-wee’s Big Holiday!!

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Today is the International Day of Awesomeness!!

Yahoo! just posted this brand-new clip from my upcoming film, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday!!! So, yes, I’d say today IS pretty awesome!!

I think I might just take Joe’s advice and “Live a little!” What do you think?!

Live a little

p.s. My new movie hits Netflix at 12:01 AM on March 18th… NEXT WEEK!!

  • This is exciting only a week to go! Regarding your film!! YAY!! Counting the days Paul of course you live more than a little ? You live a lot. Thank you for making my day good! Hope your day is extra awesome! ???

  • kelleygirl

    Yeeeessssss!! I am so stoked for March 18th!!!! Love you, Pee Wee!!!

  • jm5150

    sup Pee Wee

  • Oh my freekin goodness. Pee-Wee You are the Man! I’m so excited for your next film! Your the best Pee-Wee! Do it LIVE A LITTLE!

  • Jackie Naef

    I’ve been a fan of pee-wee since I was a baby i honestly think he’s the greatest actor alive today he only lives for his fans and I appreciate that greatly

  • mandy Mendoza

    looks like an interesting talk you both had

  • kyancy

    Can’t wait! Pee-wee you’re the (Her)man!

  • Jazz Gitan

    I am definitely going to watch this…love the Pee Wee character Paul!

  • Wise words that when headed, have the greatest potential, of making any boy into a man. Yes, even that one.

  • Meow KaPow!

    Next week is so far away…So glad to see you on the screen in a brand new experience. Thank you for being one of my favorite characters. You make me smile and bring me joy. Kiss noises to you!

  • Woolwit

    You can do it Pee-wee!

  • Dr What

    Looking forward to your new movie Pee-wee. I hope you REALLY got Paid too! You deserve it.

  • Helen Gircko

    Interesting, but….. I do not want to think, I want to watch this movie !!! ( I’ll start to think after watching. And then, probably, I will open the second version of relativity).

  • Candy T

    I cant wait to see this!!! Thank you for making this film.