I’ve Been Named ‘Technology’s Greatest Visionary’!!

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Check this out! Evan Dashevsky of PCMag wrote an article called, “Why Pee-wee Herman Is Technology’s Greatest Visionary“!!!

He suggests that the cool gadgets in my Playhouse may have inspired real-world versions of them… LIKE, my Picturephone!

Pee-wee Herman picturephone

“This stands out as an item that was probably particularly magical to the audience of the late 1980s. But today, the ability to talk to (and see) someone in real-time is painfully routine (think Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, or any number of other services).”

He thinks my Magic Glasses might be the precursor to Microsoft’s magic-y HoloLens!

He also talks about Magic Screen and Globey and… well… LOOK FOR YOURSELF!


Sincerely, Pee-wee “Ahead of his time” Herman

  • ? Very inspiring as you are and will always be an inspiration to me and others in this life Paul!! ?Speaking upon Vision, I share with you my day beautiful weather Me & my guide dog Rolf, he’s not only my vision he’s my heart & soul. I hope your day is more awesomeness!

  • mandy Mendoza

    paul you are really the soul and inspiration to people you really touch peoples hearts like mine and you just have the unique ways of doing it touching peoples hearts . I have had this major crush pon you since you ever came out with peewees playhouse but it’s scarry now your the age as my father and i am only 33 years old

  • mandy Mendoza

    This is a new picture of me and my 2 dogs thor and kipper is the white dog i hope you enjoy it

  • Dr What

    I don’t have any Dog pictures to share, but I enjoyed the Blast from the Techno-Past with ya Pee-wee.

  • Helen Gircko

    This could foresee …. It was in the air! It is so indeed. Cool, now experts confirm this idea … It’s cool, let me congratulate you, Pee-wee !!! However, it seems to me that your gadgets have a better design than the current invention. Much better!

  • Lisa Green

    Where can I buy Pee Wee temporary tattoos? ?? If these are not in production and available at retail – please, someone get on IT!! Need these for Christmas.