TGIF!! LOOK at the World’s Largest Skateboard!!!

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LOOK at this, it’s the World’s Largest Skateboard!!

Worlds Largest Skateboard

It’s in the Guinness World Records and everything!

Created by Rob Dyrdek and Joe Ciaglia of Los Angeles, the World’s Largest Skateboard measures in at 36′ 7″ long, 8’8″ wide, and 3’7.5″ tall!

Caution!! A BIG skateboard also wipes out BIG!!


Watch it wipeout in this video:

The World’s Largest Skateboard is available to rent for events! Can you imagine?!

TGIF, everyone!!

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  1. laura valentina

    This is awesomely Rad, I’ve been on a skateboard but that gigantic not ever! This is the Raddest blog ever Paul! Adore it, have a wonderful weekend! ????

  2. Helen Gircko

    Very cute! In my yard there is a garage and unnecessary trees that should be destroyed. I think this thing useful …. The neighbors will help to accelerate!

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