Pee-wee’s Big Holiday is Now Streaming on Netflix!!!

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My brand-new movie, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, is now streaming on Netflix!!!!

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  1. Helen Gircko

    Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Many spectators went crazy – in a good way , of course ! And many were left without a voice , because too loudly laughing and shouting cheers almost without interruption ! Allow me , Sir , to congratulate you on the truly stunning premiere !

  2. Helen Gircko

    P.S. It was a BIG HOLIDAY for everyone who appreciates the beautiful and funny things, absurd and heroic acts , as well as deep and sophisticated feeling …..Thanks!

  3. laura valentina

    Fantastic! Paul. I don’t have Netflix, so I’ll await the DVD and get that (if available on DVD) I’m proud & happy that this film has finally out and all to see. Wishing you a beautiful day! ??

  4. Billy

    It was awesome Pee-wee! I’ve watched it twice now and a 3rd is happening after lunch! I’m craving a milkshake too..

  5. mandy Mendoza

    Very nice car where are you driving on this lovely Sunday morning? with your radio turned on and the toof top opened up nice and wide just kidding

  6. laura valentina

    Paul you’ve worked lots on this and your crew as well time money energy all spent well & now the premier is finally here YAY!! I’m very proud of you your biggest accomplishment ever! Your the conductor of the symphony a great song ever! ??

  7. Candy T

    Love the movie! The beginning fits with ending perfect. Now let me let you let me go lol

  8. Billy

    La la la, la la la la la la…4th times a charm! 5th after dinner! The family absolutely loves this movie!

  9. Abby

    I love the movie, Pee-wee! It’s nice you meet another Pee-wee in the movie! 😉

  10. SilvrFox2u2

    Loved the movie PeeWee! I want a red car just like yours! I enjoyed the whole movie! Super fun! Thanks for helping us all to be kids at heart!

  11. Alan Kozak

    Pee Wee,Congrads on another awesome movie!!! I loved it!!! I just wanted to say job well done.The only thing missing in the picture was ur red bike??? I hope the next movie shows ur classic red bike again.I will forever be a big fan of yours,thank you for the great new movie! I love you Pee Wee ! 🙂

  12. kelleygirl

    It was hilarious and pure creative genius! I never expected any less! Thank you for making this treasure; it is now part of my favorite all-time films! Gracias por dejarme experimentar mi niñez de nuevo 🙂

  13. Screen Zealots

    Loved it so much, we were laughing so hard at some bits that we couldn’t hear the dialogue and had to rewind it (the farmhouse, the church, the snake farm). Great movie, Pee Wee! Thanks for the nostalgic trip down memory lane. (Now if somebody can invent those magnetic grocery bags, I would buy a dozen of them right now!)

  14. Darth Saruman

    The greatest opening scene in film history!! The *boop* noise when Pee Wee inserts the tiny straw into the tiny root beer barrel. “Let me let you let me run.” “I bet you’ll be scared Pee Wee.” “BET ME!!!!” The balloon scene, My GOD THE BALLOON SCENE!

    The perfect antidote to 2016 politics. Thank you Pee Wee. Thank You!

  15. Jasmine

    Loved it! My husband and I watched it last night and I’ll be watching it again with my daughter soon. We laughed so hard at the snake farm scene. And I had fun scrolling through the cast info on IMDb to catch who everyone was. I did NOT recognize Miss Yvonne. Amazing job on that!

    I’m really excited to show my four year old daughter. I feel like we will be able to pull some good lessons on friendship from this movie. Thanks Pee Wee!

  16. Sonia

    Me and my 6 year old daughter loved your movie! We have watched it 4 times! Can’t wait to be able to purchase it on dvd!

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