• Helen Gircko

    This balloon …. Oooooooooooo ! But I do not want to learn – your performance has reached such a high degree of perfection and inspiration that better … just watch . And listen. It’s almost a symphony ….

  • Yes I have seen your wonderful film! Love it! I’m watching it again. Have a beautiful day Paul ??

  • Chris Pixi Smith


  • mandy Mendoza

    I remember this episode on your playhouse when rosevelt was your dog and he was just sitting there making whinning noises in front of you while you were making noises with that balloon. and you were dressed up as the pirate with fake pot of gold.and you have some kind of spanish music for your singing guest my best and fav. part was you and your scooter and how you always walked to your scooter swinging your arms in the back of you walking like a woman just kidding that was really funny how you was walking though and the other part of the episode was when you acted like mrs. yvonne that really tickled me

  • Candy T

    Watching it for the 5th time ? love it!

  • Billy

    This is my daughters favorite part! She chuckles so hard it makes me laugh harder.

  • Candy T

    Hello Paul I seen that your new movie played in a theater in California will it be playing at any in Michigan? ??

  • Jasmine

    My daughter was practising this all evening. She’s very happy to have learned a new skill. Thanks Pee Wee!

  • Rlee Lockhart

    Friday nite i went to the store loaded up with munchies and got ready to watch this on NetFix and loved the whole movie, keep them coming PeeWee

  • Sarah

    Hey Paul, I was one of your fans back in the 80’s, I was so sad when my mom said I could no longer watch your show. As an adult now I look back, I see what happened and I’m sad for you the the media blew things out of proportion. You’re new show is great and I totally watched it with my 7 year old today. ? I’ll be watching it again! So glad you are back. We need a world where it’s okay to be different!

  • mazi

    one of an incredible number of hilariously perfect scenes! laughed my caboose OFF! his facial expressions win!