• Helen Gircko

    I began to watch Gotham , only because there will be playing Mr. Reubens . And I was absolutely fascinated teaser episode 15. A rare mixture of elegance , high melodrama and comic grim…

  • My DVR is set Paul to record both Gotham & jimmy Fallon. You’ve made my day extra extra beautiful and very special! ??? I wish you a day of deliciousness & luscious sweetness!

  • Candy T

    Love this picture!!! Will be watching you tonight 😉 I love Jimmy’s impression wheel of you its amazing. Jimmy is amazing can’t wait…

  • Helen Gircko

    Yes, and my compliments to all residents of Gotham . They are wonderful and dramatic. Excellent ensemble !

  • mandy Mendoza

    Paul I am so proud of you. you should be proud of yourself to for being a great successful person. you have made my day brighter for just watching you on tv . that is a great picture of you i like it alot

  • JohnBerg

    Mad hatter?

  • Helen Gircko

    It was beautiful , delicate and refined . We look forward to continuing . I cried along with Oswald . And I liked the soup tureen . Photo in the library …. These impressive volumes … the full version of ” Part – time Dog”? Oh , sorry, it’s another story ! …. Once again – wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! And very mysterious ! Thanks !

  • regularg0nz0

    Great performance, Paul. Ate it up.