Freckles, Bella, and Pepper!

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Freckles, Bella, and Pepper!


Pee-wee’s Big Holiday is now streaming on Netflix!


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  • Helen Gircko

    I have already said this – three modern grace. Three witches from comedy play ” Macbeth ” . Three Fates with knives instead of scissors . Three very cute Dark fairy! Lovely characters , wonderful actress ! I continue to applaud, applaud, applaud !

  • These 3 ladies are superb in your new film Paul reminding me of grind house films like 1975 classic Switchblade sisters! Loved it & the name sake on Bella’s knife Pee-wee. Wonderful!

  • DB McWeeberton

    I’m pretty sure they’re an homage to the ladies of Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
    But more friendly. 🙂

  • JamieMoroni

    Great tribute to Varla, Rosie and Billie! Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!! xoxox LOVED Big Holiday!!! And Absolutely Loved seeing you at the 92nd st Y!!!!

  • mandy Mendoza

    They remind me of the movie charlie’s angels sort of but charlie’s angels were sweet girls these girls are witches

  • Conservo Luchador

    The one in black looks like Flo from Progressive.

  • mazi

    Russ Meyer for my kids!!! loved it!!

  • Billy

    I heart pepper…lol