An Alt-Poster for Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, Made by a Fan!!

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Artist Ken Turner of Canada made this cool alternative poster for my new movie, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday!!


He wrote on his blog:

Last month I checked out the newest Pee Wee film on Netflix called
“Pee Wee’s Big Holiday”
and it was classic fun – hasn’t lost a beat – Pee Wee Herman.

So, as a huge fan, it was only natural to make an alternative art poster for this newest movie.

Thank you, Ken! Your art now has a spot in my online fan art gallery!

  • Good morning Paul. This blog is magical my hats off to the artist who made this poster!

    Me & Rolf been up since
    5 a.m. and just got home now from our day out. Sunny weather about 80 degrees good walking weather too. Found the mandarin orange sauce going to make mandarin veggie burgers for dinner tonight (I’m a vegetarian) We wish you a day that’s wonderful! Filled with all the Love in this universe as you are truly an amazing soul! ???

  • Helen Gircko

    Already saw it…. and it’s very, very, very good!

  • Candy T

    Love the hair?

  • Dear Paul,

    When I read this I said to myself I’ve got to share this with you and anyone else reading this as well as it reminded me of your film big holiday and your friendship with Joe mangelo, very beautiful indeed!!

  • Spandex_Ballet

    Very cool!

  • mandy Mendoza

    That’s very creative I had taken art classes all through out my whole school years. I graduated in 2003 .no more school for me . and when I go to art classes I still draw macaco pictures I take art and craft classes at a center where a park is located.