Behold, Psychedelic Rainbow Pizza!

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Rainbow pizza is a thing! It’s one psychedelic pizza pie with all it swirling globs of multi-colored cheese!!


To make it, you simply grab a fork and add tiny drops of food coloring to the melting cheese [full recipe].




Would YOU “taste the rainbow”?


via Foodiggity, images via Oh, Bite It


  • upso

    that looks delicious pee wee.

  • Helen Gircko

    Oh yeah! Abstract expressionism in the kitchen, yes! Even in the plate. I hope this does not cause hallucinations?

  • Paul this blog is ultra beautiful! As an visually impaired abstract artist I love color & rainbows! I share with you my abstract version of the Rainbow, have a colorful day!!

  • RockyLanding

    Next up: Psychedelic Rainbow poo!

  • Bode Gibbs

    Oh no! I’m colorblind Pee Wee! It looks like fun though

  • mandy Mendoza

    I love the colors of the rainbow makes me think of skittles the candy

  • CC Giblet

    Today’s secret word is RAINBOW VOMIT! When you hear the secret word scream real loud!

  • Candy T

    Wow this looks amazing!

  • celinda guley

    It looks like what happened when I threw up rainbow sherbet icecream….omg lol

  • gnarlygnome

    I am sure this pizza’s topping would give one a “What a Long and Strange Trip its Been”. lol

  • Sky