Be Me, Pee-wee Herman, on MSQRD!!!

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Did you see? You can look like me, Pee-wee Herman, on MSQRD!!

If I were #PeeWeeHerman… #ilovePeeWee #PeeWee #faceswap #msqrd #iknowyouarebutwhatami

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A dream come true! I get to pose as #PeeWeeHerman via #MSQRD

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Have you ever wanted to look like me?? This is your chance!! Get out your smartphone and give it a try!

6 Responses to “Be Me, Pee-wee Herman, on MSQRD!!!”

  1. laura valentina

    Ok… So here’s mine. I used the “Kisses” one with Red. And yours. Paul. May not be exact but here it is.. (I’m the Red Picture) have a beautiful day!! ?????

  2. Helen Gircko

    From the point of view of psychology phenomenon is quite understandable, because you’re adorable, Pee-wee (this is not a compliment, it’s a harsh reality) From the point of view of technical progress – it’s cute (subspecies electronic cosplay?).
    Duplication of the image in the millions and probably billions of variations adds a pleasant tinge of madness. But I do not think that all this – it means to be you.

  3. Kayla

    Thanks for posting this Pee-Wee! I had no idea this amazing app existed! I just made a video and posted it on Twitter and Facebook. For anyone with glasses: I had to take my glasses off and push my hair back for it to work.

  4. mandy Mendoza

    That is so funny I forgot to laugh! unfortunately This would work for some people if they only have an smart phone unfortunately I do not have an smart phone I have an free phone that some company had given me.

  5. mandy Mendoza

    I like all the pictures I did not mean to sound harsh. unfortunately I do not have an smartphone so all this will not work for me.

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