This AMAZING Pee-wee Costume is Complete With My Favorite Helmet!!

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This is Henry. After watching reruns of Pee-wee’s Playhouse with his mom for a year or so, he decided he wanted to be ME for Halloween!!

With my favorite scooter helmet and everything!! 

Pee-wee Herman bicycle helmet

So Henry’s mom, Abbey Hambright, started researching what toys were on my favorite helmet…

Pee-wee Herman bicycle helmet2

And bought a box full of them!!

Pee-wee Herman bicycle helmet toys

She says, 

“Henry had a bike helmet that he’d almost outgrown that we decided would be a good base for his headpiece. Though it was already red, I thought that trying to glue toys onto the slick surface probably wouldn’t work very well, so step one was covering the top in papier mache…From there, I painted a few coats of red paint and started gluing. Gorilla Glue is great for sticking weird things like this together…”

VOILA!! Here is Henry on his scooter as me!! Doesn’t he look AWESOME?!

Pee-wee Herman bicycle helmet 3

Great job, Abbey! You look fantastic, Henry! In fact, you’ve earned a space in my online Costume Gallery!

7 Responses to “This AMAZING Pee-wee Costume is Complete With My Favorite Helmet!!”

  1. Helen Gircko

    Amazing, remarkably, delicious and well done! Long and loud applause! (Today, words are not needed) WOW !!

  2. Heather Kaas

    Amazing! Just as cute, if not a shake more, as the original!! <3

  3. Kayla

    Henry has a great Mom, and a great costume! My parents made and bought me many costumes as a child that I was always thrilled with. I loved scooters and roller skates as a kid too; I never learned to ride a bike because I was afriad of them for some reason. My Pepaw made a red scooter for me out of old bicycle parts; it even had my name on it! If I hadn’t outgrown my scooter, I’d probably still ride it as an adult. I can still roller skate though, last time I checked. Anyway, I got sort of off topic there reminiscing, neat costume, helmet, and scooter!

  4. Jack and Sally Skellington

    Oh my gosh this is the cutest thing ever!! Thanks for sharing Pee-wee!! Have a very good day!!! ??

  5. mandy Mendoza

    That was my faorite part of peewees playhouse always has been and always will be. I still like it when paul walks up to his scooter with him swinging his arms in the back of him that has always made me laugh.

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