• Helen Gircko

    Confectionery and Pizzeria fell into the pool? Cool!

  • Beautiful Paul!! I share with you my day, it’s special to me because today is my guide dog Rolf’s birthday he is 3 years old 21 in dog years… I’m very blessed to have Rolf in my life he’s not only my eyes, he’s my heart & soul!! Have a great day!! ??????

  • So neat! I’m a good swimmer, so I don’t usually need a float, but I would use these just for fun. I wish there was a pool close by to swim in; the only thing remotely close is a creek, and it’s very cold most of the year; I have swam there a few times in the summer though. Maybe I can go to a hotel with pool somewhere and sometime soon.

  • Happy Birthday Rolf!!!

  • camaro_mang

    the pizza one dang

  • mandy Mendoza

    Happy Birthday Rolf

  • mandy Mendoza

    those floats look great for my little 4 year old cousin to play with when he goes swimming . His name is James bucky he is the baby of the family that I have I hope it’s okay to share the picture with you and every one? have a nice day.

  • Thank you so much Kayla!

  • Thank you very much Mandy!

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  • Fabulous coverage – thank you!

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