Who remembers these vintage Pee-wee tees from 1987?

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It’s Throwback Thursday! Who remembers this tee-shirt of me pushing Pterri like a baby from 1987?



Or this one of the playhouse?!



What about this Chairry one?!



Wait! I bet you haven’t seen THIS ONE.That’s because it’s BRAND NEW!! You’re the first to see it!


It’s available for $19.95!

  • Steve Mills

    I still have the 2nd one. One of my favorites!

  • Gosh Paul! You made me blush & smile! Thank you for sharing this piece of Pee-wee history.. Have a beautiful day!! ????????

  • Helen Gircko

    It is unfortunate that I can not remember it all … Something for me almost scientific discovery….well, a new thing – it’s also cute, witty and airily, like the earlier versions. Thanks!

  • So neat! I wish the 80s shirts were still available; they’re so colorful! I love 80s culture, though I wasn’t born until the 90s. I often visit a retro 70s and 80s arcade called Weiners and Losers; it’s invitation only and only open on certain dates for a short window of time. Scott, the guy that owns the arcade, has a Mr. T piggy bank like yours and many other neat items from that era! I love the new Pee-Wee on the moon shirt. I’ve also seen some Pee-Wee shirts on Hot Topic’s website that I like. Maybe sometime I’ll have some extra money, and can afford one of your shirts.

  • mandy Mendoza

    I love the 90’s and the 80’s music. I was born in 1982 and my older cousin Jenny was born in 1980’s. Paul your t-shirt’s looks amazingly awesome. I love all the styles you have on them and pictures.. I still remember that episode of peewees playhouse when terry keeps saying he’s not the baby. and you told terry your my little baby. that was funny. And chairry was the best to.That space t-shirt looks great. thanks for sharing your t-shirts with me. This is a picture of my cousin Jenny. Guy, and Baby James Bucky. and that’s james all grown up being the age of 4 years old

  • This is great piece of Pee-wee history.Great share.

  • Draculasaurus

    Cool. I never saw these back in the day. Speaking of merchandise, remember how Punky Brewster got a cartoon and all of a sudden she had a magic friend, Glomer.
    They should do that for other live action shows, just do an animated version and add in a magical cat or whatever. Even good shows that have run their course like Breaking Bad or The Wire.

  • Candy T

    I had these when I was a kid and I still adore them I love that your on the MOON ?

  • I remember someone wearing, but don’t know who exactly.

  • Is it possible to print other cartoons too ?

  • From 1987 to till now it will tough to remember who wearing, But this is interesting.

  • It is unfortunate that I can’t recall it all . one thing on behalf of me nearly scientific discovery well, a replacement factor – it is also cute, humorous and flippantly, just like the earlier versions. Thanks!