Gigantic Monster Chunky Turtleneck Jumpsuit!!

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LOOK at THIS, a gigantic monster chunky turtleneck jumpsuit!! WOW!!



It’s hand knit by Strickolino, a German crafter who has been making chunky knit garments for 15 years!


She says, “It all started with a normal knit sweaters, which has specialized over time, more and more, up to the most unusual knitwear. I discovered the chunky knit and create my passion yarns themselves, and so was born Strickolino.”


For $919.66, you can have one custom made for you! It’s made of 100% sheep wool!

  • Helen Gircko

    “It all started with the normal sweaters …” But it is, I hope not the end?

  • I understand why it is so expensive; it took a lot of wool and time to make that. You really would be knitting and knitting and knitting! It looks really comfortable though; it’s like footy pjs, but made out of wool!

  • Yes, this reminds me Paul of that scene in adventure, where you go Bat Crazy, about knitting and knitting and knitting… My hats off to the artist who created this beautiful knit! ?????

  • amandachen

    It needs little flaps for when you need to go peewee and poowoo.

  • mandy Mendoza

    the sweater looks good for when it’s a winter night and day outside. And you have no heater in the house or air conditioner you have to wait for the electric company just to come and put on your heater or air conditioner unit. And I remember that part in your movie adventure very well. Have a lovely day