A Popcorn Maker That Looks Like the Stanley Cup!!

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Joe Manganiello, my hockey-lovin’ friend (you’ll remember him from my new movie, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday), is watching game 5 of the NHL playoff tonight.

He’s making popcorn in THIS…

Ready to #PartyHard tonight with my @NHL #StanleyCup  popcorn maker @penguins #OneMoreWin!!! #LETSGOPENS

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A POPCORN MAKER that looks like the STANLEY CUP!! SO cool!!


It’s available for $60 on Amazon.


Hope your favorite hockey team wins tonight, Joe! And, I hope that popcorn is delicious!

Here we go!!! #LETSGOPENS @penguins @NHL #StanleyCup  #Game4 @NickManganiello #BurghProud

A photo posted by Joe Manganiello (@joemanganiello) on

  • I don’t know anything about hockey, but I love popcorn. I have a hello kitty popcorn maker and an air popper. I’m watching the Doom movie on tv, not the hockey game tonight. If real penguins were playing I’d be more likely to watch lol.

  • Paul, you always know how to put a smile on my face.. ??

    a family member passed away yesterday, I’m sad but know he (my aunts husband) is no longer suffering he’s in heaven..
    And for that I celebrate a life lived.. To that I’m happy..

    I say:

    Everyday we are alive, each day we awake to the morning sun that God gives us life, a treasure.. Life’s to short..

  • Candy T

    I love Hockey and this is amazing!!! I never knew Joe was a hockey fan he likes the Penguins I am saying Go Wings!!!! Lol

  • Helen Gircko

    Oh yeah! Sumptuously! This modern Grail: popcorn instead of blood or wine. The impressive sweep of ideas …
    Now it seems to be the third period? (AND match Pittsburgh – San Jose?).
    I wish victory Joe’s favorite team.
    In the case of the complete victory of the cup can be filled with milkshake …. (well, according to the recipe below)

  • Paul what a fantastic post.. And I take this moment to say, having Joe as a friend in your life, what an honor and friendship is a blessing in life! One of the things your film shows is that friendship is beautiful & brings happiness and that is amazing! Thank you so much for your spirit shining bright.. You are an inspiration to me & others in this world! ?? I wish you a great day.