Summer Solstice AND A Full Strawberry Moon!! Once-in-a-Lifetime Occurrence!!

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Today is the first day of summer… AKA the summer solstice!! It’s the longest dayLIGHT of the year! The solstice officially kicks in this evening at 6:34 PM.



In Alaska, for example, there will be nearly 24 hours of light!

Tonight there will be also a full moon! It’s said that a full moon on the summer solstice is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence!! Though if you were born before 1967, it’s a twice-in-a-lifetime thing! The moon you’ll see tonight is called the “strawberry moon” by Native Americans because June is the month strawberries are picked, according to Farmer’s Almanac.



Hope everyone enjoys this special day!!

  • Helen Gircko

    That’s great! Until now, I had a vague idea about the Farmer’s Almanac, but now it’s turned into my favorite reading. In the absence of strawberries while I eat apricots. But I’ll be dreaming about strawberries, contemplating the moon. Thank you, Pee-wee, magnificent poetic and practical information.

  • Fritz Clapp

    I always celebrate the full moon, but this one is a full-on pagan festival!

  • Gene Herzog

    Contrary to what media and this website may say, this is not the longest day of the year, that will occur on Sunday, November 6th, when that day will have 25 hours (due to end of daylight saving time). Today is the LONGEST DAYLIGHT day of the year. There is a difference…today has 24 hours in it just like yesterday and tomorrow.

  • Candy T

    Glad I was able to see this once in a life time occurrence ?