Giant Beach Blankets That Look Like Food!!

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Check out these giant beach blankets that look like food! Each one is HUGE… about 5 feet in diameter!!

via DIWT

Cheeseburger with all the fixings!


Available for $24.98 on Amazon

Pink sprinkled donut! With a bite taken out of it!


Also available for $24.98 on Amazon

Pepperoni pizza! With a lady on top!


Available for $29.99 on Amazon

Or maybe something fruitier like Watermelon!


$59.95 on Amazon

Kiwi too!


$59.95 on Amazon

Don’t they just POP!!?

  • Helen Gircko

    Food that should be hot, perfect for cool weather, and fruit – for hot weather. On top – the sun, from the bottom – a watermelon or kiwi. By the way, a blanket with pizza distributed with the lady? Very hot set. Thank you! Thinking the last question does not require an answer – it’s obvious!

  • Lonny Parr

    I would buy the Cheeseburger if it didn’t have Red Onions 🙁 Unless i could bleach them white. Going to have to go for the Donut.

  • Michele Prudhumme

    I love the pictures of the fruits the doughnut looks good you can gain alot of weight if you do not wtch how many you eat and the hanburger looks great that looks all great and good to eat on the 4th of July