Olde Tyme ‘Pee-wee for President’ Campaign Signs!!

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LOOK at what San Antonio artist Pinche Tatum of Choice Goods made… super-cool ye olde tyme “Pee-wee for President” campaign signs!! 


“A True Rebel”… I’ll say!!

Pee-wee-for-President-signs-by-Tatum-Originals-2 photo by Peggy Sirota

photo by Peggy Sirota for GQ

Want to support my bid for the presidency? Buying one of my “Pee-wee for President” tees is a GREAT START!! 

Pee-wee for President

Thank you, Senor Tatum, I have added your signs to my online Pee-wee Herman Fan Art Gallery!


  • Helen Gircko

    Political art – it’s very cute. Stars and Stripes, is the appropriate thing for you, Pee-wee. You – the star and sometimes you wear a striped suit. It is logical.
    I’m thinking about how to ensure myself of these T-shirts for a lifetime…

  • Diana Prince

    Peewee definitely seems like the BEST choice for this next election! I’m going to put him as a write-in!!!

  • Candy T

    I would vote for you Paul!!!

  • gabriel_a_pharmer

    The Secret word is “campaign”