Pepperoni Pizza Slice Ring!!

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Talk about a personal-sized pizza!! LOOK at this pepperoni pizza slice ring!!

Pizza slice ring

I want it nom nom, now!!

The person you love will definitely say Yes! with this amazing ring that can be used as a funny joke for an engagement 🙂 If you are a pizza lover or know one this is a wonderful gift too.

The ring is super realistic! It has a homemade tomato sauce, stringy mozzarella cheese and pepperoni! This piece is completely handmade by me with polymer clay.

Pepperoni slice ring

Made by Etsy shop Cutetreats, available for $15 each.

  • Helen Gircko

    That is super-realistic ring means a super-realistic engagement? “Let me offer you my hand, my heart and my pizza” or pizza instead of the heart? … I’m sorry, Pee-wee, I do not appeal to you, this is just speculation. Great idea, thanks. I promise to use this image, citing a source.