Pee-wee’s Playhouse: The Cubicle!

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While Nick Carranza, the Digital Content Strategist for Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, was out sick, his co-workers gave his cubicle a MAKEOVER à la Pee-wee’s Playhouse!! 
LOOK! They made a Chairry! 




There’s Pterri and Clockey!

And, of course, his computer monitor is disguised as Magic Screen!


He writes, “Feelin the love.

I’d say! Thank you for sharing, Nick! 

  • Helen Gircko

    Excellent! This is the best proof that the style of “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” – the best style in the world. Wonderful job! Such workplace creates a desire to be at work all day and night…Thank you for sharing, Pee-wee!

  • That’s so neat!!! I so want my computer to look like magic screen now!!!#

  • Jess

    That’s very sweet! I love it when people go out of their way to make others happy. I’d love to decorate my three computer monitors with magic screen and the rest of the playhouse gang. But I don’t think I’d get any of my animation and writing done. It’s worth a shot though!

    Thankyou once again for sharing Pee-Wee, your posts instantly lift my mood!

  • Jasmine

    This is amazing! Jealous.

  • Candy T

    Wow Nick!!! This is so awesome! My office would look similar to this haha!!! I adore it as I adore you Paul.