Paul Reubens is in the New ‘Call of Duty’ Game, ZOMBIES in SPACELAND!!

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There’s a new “Call of Duty” game and Paul Reubens is in it! It’s called “Zombies in Spaceland” and it takes players on a wild adventure set in the 1980s! In a space-themed amusement park full of deadly zombies, fun attractions and more, players fight against the undead!!

Here’s a look at the game’s poster:


Paul’s character is Willard Wyler, a “genius director” that was once the “shining star of horror.” Over time, “his light began to fade and he slowly retreated into obscurity. Now he’s back and ready to deliver his most stunning magnum opus ever – with thrills, chills, style, a gripping story.”



Dashing! Dapper!

Here’s the game’s storyline:

Four aspiring actors arrive to an old rundown theater where they’re invited to watch some old horror movies, they are then unexpectedly transported into the screen – actually becoming characters in those films. Now they must fight to survive an onslaught of deadly zombies before the last reel runs out and their souls are sacrificed forever.


Guess who else plays a character in the game…?

Hoff and Paul Reubens

Yep, that’s right! David Hasselhoff! He plays “The DJ.”

WATCH the trailer for “Zombies in Spaceland”:

In early September at COD XP in Los Angeles, fans will get a chance to play the game before its worldwide release on November 4th!

UPDATE (11/4/16):

Check out the NEW TRAILER where Paul Reubens voices Willard Wyler!

  • Helen Gircko

    Lovely intrigue, lovely design, lovely zombies… I’ll try to be frightened. Thanks for the info.

  • Wow! I’ve never played a Call of Duty game before, but I love video games, classic monster movies, and the 80s…and of course Paul Reuben and David Hasselhoff!

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    Wow!, this new game looks to die for!
    A real chiller and thriller. Zombies and a dapper Paul Reubens together in one! Spooky!

  • Helen Gircko

    A little a’la Vincent Price, huh?

  • This is Ultra Epic Paul! I’m happy & proud of you! Have a lovely day! ??

  • Jasmine

    This looks amazing! I’m going to try to convince my husband to play this so I can watch.

  • Jace Junkerman

    if all these 80’s things and people are in there, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the gun sally has is a kind of proton gun like in Ghostbusters

  • Helen Gircko

    Impressive. Goosebumps. Devilishly beautiful voice (this is a compliment). Two familiar intonation and something deliciously new. Thanks. TGIF!

  • godyourestupid

    Paul this is awesome! I am an 80’s kid, and I have always appreciated your work! I have played the hell out of this game, you did such a good job!