Keep Your Chin Up With This Japanese Robot Arm Device!!

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Japan seems to always be one step ahead with their GAME-CHANGING inventions. Take, for instance, this arm device. It attaches to your desk and will keep you from being hunched over! Or, use it as an ARM PILLOW! 


Read part of its official description to fully understand its use:

For a long time have a desk work, unwittingly, or not in the stoop?
Heavy head, but such should be supported by the entire body, that’s the attitude to become a slouch of stoop,
will be supported only in the neck and shoulder, an abnormality in the body, such as stiff neck and headaches will be generated.


Available for 3,980 yen. The Normal price is 4,980 yen, so this appears to be a good deal.

Thanks, Mailman Mike!

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    Thanks a lot for the ” heads up” on this new product Pee Wee!

  • Helen Gircko

    Fascinating! But this invention need to modify to use it on the street, too. This, of course, reduce the demand for corsets, but that’s the price of progress. I’ll give my head for the opportunity to have a third arm! Thank you, Pee-wee, exciting idea!

  • This is fantastic high tech blog awesome blog Paul! I wonder if you could use this when your at a meeting at work so you don’t fall asleep on the table put your head down fall asleep at those long meetings.. This would help though.. ? I wish you a day of happiness. ??

  • Very interesting…

  • Jess

    I really need this for those long hours at the computer animating and editing. I slouch way to much and this would improve my posture immensely haha. Great post Paul, have a wonderful day/night.
    Jess x

  • third photo of the first image. the last small one us probably the one that works. Rest your head little buddy. 😉 + :*