REAL Space Food For Sale!! Just Like the Cosmonauts Eat!!

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Ever wondered what people eat in space?? Wonder no longer! Space Food, a company out of Moscow, Russia is selling what looks like tubes of toothpaste, but is actually authentic Soviet cosmonaut cuisine!! Real space food!!


What do cosmonauts eat in outer space? Well, as evidenced by this lunch set ($29), they dine on a first course of Borscht (soup), an entree of “Meat puree,” and a dessert of “Cottage cheese with blackcurrant puree.” Mmmm….


This is how they sell Space Food in Russia… through vending machines:

But, if you’ve got a hankering for meat toothpaste and live in the United States, you can order Space Food straight from the convenience of your home.

Each tube has a shelf life of 12 months, which gives you plenty of time to plan your Russian Space Food Banquet! 

p.s. I guess the Russians didn’t get the memo that they’re supposed to drink Tang in space…!