Slices of Real Pizza Encased FOREVER in Resin!!!

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Artist Steph Mantis encases slices of real pepperoni pizza FOREVER in resin!! Each slice is real pizza from her family’s pizzeria in Maine!!

She calls her creations, FOREVER PIZZA


On her site, she answered some of the most frequently asked questions about her art:

Can I open it? And take out the pizza?

Can I melt the resin to get to the pizza?

Can I eat it later?

Why can’t I eat the pizza? Or get it out?
-Because it’s in resin, as in solid plastic, as in toxic. And it will never come out. Ever.

Is this functional?
-YES. It’s really good at sitting on table tops, and being a conversation starter.


She says her family only sells pies that are personal-sized: 10 inch in diameter. That makes each “resin blocked out slice is 5 inches crust to point.”


LOOK! She also makes Pizza Ninja Stars!

Where are the giant Pizza Ninja Stars? Can I buy them?
-The Pizza Ninja Stars are currently being housed at the world’s first pizza museum, Pizza Brain, in Philadelphia PA. You should go there, for sure. And maybe you can buy them, but let’s talk about it.


via Incredible Things

Need some Forever Pizza in your life? This batch is SOLD OUT. Get on the waiting list for the next batch by emailing the artist:

  • Helen Gircko

    Someday Egyptian pyramides will disappear, but the pizza will remain forever! It should once again change the finale of “Planet of the Apes” – a piece of pizza would be dug from sand… Majestic idea !!! Thank you, Pee-wee, the image of this pizza will remain in my mind…forever!

  • Amanda Dushan

    I just ate a slice of pizza. Then, I come across this awesome blog!
    I’m glad that Steph told us that the pizza can’t be eaten. I’d be tempted to take a bite.

  • This reminds me of mummifying Pizza, very interesting blog Paul! Only I know mummifying is an ancient detail of the deceased done by the living their loved ones.. Ok the encased pizza, the cases remind me of the pyramids, a tomb that cases the pizza in their geometric shapes as seen above.. I enjoy pizza, no meat as I’m vegetarian, I can still enjoy this culinary pleasure of all time! Love this blog Paul! Have a fabulous day! ??

  • Jebus Waffleburger

    I kind of like the idea of firing a bunch of these into space, in the hope that someday, millions of years from now, some alien race stumbles across one orbiting a distance star and is like “WTF is this?!?”.

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    Being a fan of cold pizza as well as hot I would be tempted to break on if these baby’s open!. Speaking of all things “cool and hot” check out this vintage magazine I saw out at an estate sale in Chicago! 😉

  • Candy T

    The questions people asked make this even better. Hope you received the card I sent.

  • Helen Gircko

    Great idea. And alien scientists will take it that the pizza – the highest achievement of human civilization.