How to Make ‘Pop Rocks’ at Home!!

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The Internet knows nearly EVERYTHING! Including how to make POP ROCKS-like candy!!

Most recipes online won’t *exactly* make Pop Rocks. I guess THAT recipe is super dangerous to produce! Explosive even! But, you can make something VERY close… more like “fizzy rocks.”


Want to give it a try? Head on over to Instructables for the full tutorial by chickflix! Let me know how it goes!!


(I didn’t say it was easy to make! If it’s too challenging, you can always just BUY real Pop Rocks online!)

p.s. This guy DID make ‘real’ Pop Rocks…

  • Helen Gircko

    So exciting process that I forgot about the result. The danger and the duration of the work, probably gives candys a special taste and a double explosive force. Thank you, Pee-wee. I’ll have to buy the equipment.

  • Very wonderful blog Paul! I remember pop rocks from the 80s always flavor able with new ones as they evolved.. Love this! Have a fantastic day ??

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    This post reminded me of that spooky urban legend involving Pop Rocks and soda from my childhood! Not sure if it was true but I’m not brave enough to try it! 😉

  • regularg0nz0

    And then Mr. White ran into Mikey Pinkman…..

  • Candy T

    Yum! I love pop rocks. Have a wonderful day Paul