A Rube Goldberg Machine Across America!!

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Can you imagine using GIANT FLAMETHROWERS, TEXT MESSAGES, GOSPEL CHOIRS, and other UNUSUAL METHODS to connect America like a Rube Goldberg machine?!  A group based in California is going to attempt it in a few weeks! No one has ever tried it before!


For the last five minutes of The Deconstruction, a 48-hour un-competition that happens October 14-16, a GIANT Rube Goldberg installation ACROSS AMERICA will be attempted! It’s called “Common Ground” and you can help make it happen!!

A one of a kind, never attempted, work of conceptual kinetic art as big as America.

Artists from 4 cities will connect America through a massive collaborative connected installation of chain reactions, fire cannons, text messages, and gospel choirs.  Each individual installation will celebrate good things specific to each region, and also address contemporary issues.

Each regional installation is interconnected to the next through common communication mediums (like text messages or emails).  When one ends, it automatically triggers the next to begin.

The installation will run for 5 minutes and will be live-streamed in real-time as it crosses the country for the grand finale of Deconstruction.

A few days later we will release a video to the world of the result. “Common Ground” is designed to demonstrate what is possible when people around the country collaborate and work together.

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I hope they eat a good breakfast that day!!

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    What a fascinating post Pee Wee! Thank you. I also think it was great that you recommend those involved to eat a good breakfast. Mr. T cereal is always a great choice but would probably be rather stale at this point if you happend to find an unopened box on Ebay. What I suggest is that a major cereal company…hmmm are you listening, major cereal companys of the world?…comes out with a delicious Pee Wee Herman themed cereal for 2016! I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend my mornings with! 🙂

  • Jack and Sally Skellington

    That’s awesome Paul!! ?? Thank you for sharing this you just made my sick day brighter!! ?? Love you ?!! Have a marvelous Monday!!!

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  • Helen Gircko

    Sumptuously. The idea of Rube Goldberg machines always involves a complicated process and huge scale. This thought was in the air. I hope that the day is near when the mechanism will encircle the whole world. (And the end result, of course, will be pancakes!)
    I wish inventors good luck !!!
    Thank you, Pee-wee, it’s inspiring!

  • Very inspiring blog Paul! As I believe that in order for one to believe in their goals dreams they put that belief into live action and move forward in their quest of making that goal a reality.. Thank you for sharing this magnificent amazing blog!! Have a wonderful day! ??