Piggyback Driver, A Helmet For Kids to Drive Their Parents!!

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This is the Piggyback Driver, a helmet for kids to drive their parents around! Arrrrrr!!!

It’s got handles for STEERING! The grownup feels vibrations inside the helmet to know which way to turn…


And, it HONKS!


Plus, there’s a TURBO mode! That kicks in LIGHTS and SOUND!


via Gizmodo


Wondering where you can buy one…? Well… so far, the Piggyback Driver is just a working PROTOTYPE. Sorry! Its creators at PARTY had it on display at New York’s Maker Faire over the weekend. They ARE looking for partners and collaborators to create a production model. Inquire within!

  • Helen Gircko

    Super! Great for kids and super for parents. I hope, the child should not get a driver’s license? And in general, everything is fine, and the design and the idea. And it is deeply psychologicaly. And … you are always right, Pee-wee, buzzing it’s really cool !!! Thank you.

  • Amanda Dushan

    I think my little cousin would love this! It looks amazing.

  • Zachariah Peterson

    I love it. I have four boys and I’ve given them all shoulder rides. With this I wouldn’t get choked or get my hair pulled.

  • Fantastic invention! As always your blogs are wonderful Paul, I wish a great Monday! ??

  • or getting your hat mashed down into your glasses or pulled off