Look at This Little Tiny Pumpkin Face!

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Halloween draws closer and closer, which makes it a GREAT weekend to carve your pumpkin!!

Not artistically inclined… don’t worry, take some inspiration from redditor LisaShuBop who carved this GIANT pumpkin with a LITTLE TINY face!!


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Tiny pumpkin faces…. it’ll be all the rage this year!! 

Need MORE inspiration? Try HERE or HERE!

  • Wonderful blog Paul!! This is Autumn-fantastic. I love seeing the leaves change color & feeling the cooler weather, jacket weather, rainy days ☔️ & rainbows ? I share with you a picture.. I love its meaning have a beautiful day!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0abe380ab538fc223f98f76f3516cafb942d7df4a66f7d9f3488a71a3a2417e4.jpg ?

  • Helen Gircko

    Lovely tiny face … I’m not sure that it will look so lovely if all of a sudden you encounter with him in the dark. Long-pitched squeal as a result. Well, you know, how long can last squeal, Pee-wee. Lovely idea … thank you!