It’s PUMPKIN Day!!

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October 26th is PUMPKIN DAY!!

Still love this one that Karrah Youngblood of Pumpkin Brains carved of me, Pee-wee Herman!!


The World’s Largest Pumpkin for 2016 is THIS ONE, grown by Richard Wallace of Rhode Island! It’s a whopping 2,261.5 pounds!!

worlds-largest-pumpkin pumpkin-with-pumpkin-in-his-mouth pac-man-pumpkins-2 computer-halloween-funny-pumpkin-image-for-whatsapp pumpking-burger

Happy Pumpkin Day!!!

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    And a very happy pumpkin day Pee Wee! I love all things pumpkin and inclosed a picture of some yummy pumpkin cookies I just received. I would be happy to share!;)

  • Helen Gircko

    Before the Halloween the head always become like a pumpkin – too many ideas, and inside these ideas have too many pumpkins. Thank you, Pee-wee, these objects are gorgeous, but I prefer the first number in the list, too….

  • Amanda Dushan

    These are such wonderful pumpkins! I love the Pee-Wee Herman, Pac-Man, computer and cheese burger pumpkins.

  • This is beautiful blog Paul my hats off to the artist who did the pumpkin 🎃 carved of you, great job!!

    Other than that, your blogs are amazing Paul, I wanted to take this moment to say I’ll be back here near New Years, as I’m taking this time to be with a dear friend who has cancer as it could be her last holiday season and I know I’m going to miss her dearly, I was in tears thinking about her today, and had to take time be with her. To ease my mind of sadness funerals are exactly that.. sad.. I am doing my Art projects & feel that creating my Art is a magical experience for me, and this weekend I’ll be at a convention Necrononicon in Tampa Florida.. please know that even though im not here that I send you good energy, may your shows Nightmare before Christmas this weekend be beautiful as you know you are!! ❤️