Happy Square Dance Day!!

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Get ready to do-si-do because it’s Square Dance Day!

square-dancing 1954-dance-johnson_

To celebrate this special day, find a hoedown and “Swing Your Partner ‘Round and ‘Round, and Turn Your Corner Upside Down!”

Or, watch these videos!

Did you know? Square dancing is the OFFICIAL dance in 19 U.S. States!

Happy Square Dance Day, everyone!!

  • Helen Gircko

    Hooray! I sincerely love it! It is a pity that the height of snow on the nearest square does not allow me to practice square dancing right now! But thank you, Pee-wee, I will try dance at home…in evening. (And let just anyone try to ask “why?”) Have a great day!

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    Well, howdy partner! Great post Pee Wee. When I saw the videos it reminded me of the musical “Oaklahoma”. Yee-haw buckaroos!;)