This Fancy Gingerbread House Took 500 Hours to Make!

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Here’s something that’s sure to impress!

British hand-iced biscuit (cookie) company Biscuiteers was commissioned to create a 13-feet long gingerbread replica of Buckinghamshire’s Waddesdon Manor.


This French Renaissance-style chateau was built in the late 1800s by baron Ferdinand de Rothschild to showcase his opulent collections.

Now, it’s been painstakingly recreated in gingerbread…!


It took its creators 500 hours to make! 


This is real gingerbread, not icing-covered cardboard! Look at the detail!


Over 66 lbs of butter and sugar were used!


Plus, 240 eggs and 476 lbs of icing!!!


Watch this video to see how they made posh cookie chateau:

via Curbed, images via Biscuiteers

The gingerbread Waddesdon Manor is on display until early 2017 at the manor’s Coach House gallery.

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  • Helen Gircko

    Phew! Gingerbread a’la Renessance. It is absolutely brilliant, though … the original style of the castle is slightly different from real gingerbread. The spiritual heirs of witch from fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm created this idea…?(the oven is located in the backyard, perhaps?) A pleasant form of insanity and construction cooking. Thank you, Pee-wee !!!

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    All I could think of while viewing your post was, “whos the “fancy cat” that eventually gets to eat it”!. I hate to see yummy food go to waste. I volunteer!;)

  • Pee-wee Herman Fan

    Wow thanks for sharing this very ginger-y bread-y blog post Paul!! I went to Florida last year for a vacation and I visited the Grand Floridian Disney resort! They also had a gigantic and I mean GIGANTIC lol 😂! It was a life sized Ginger Bread House that you could actually walk into!! I was in awe with how the person with the brains and creativity it took to make that!! It was really awesome!! I hope you have an amazing day!! 😊😄☺️

  • butter? puke…why would you do that?

  • James Childress

    It is not 100% gingerbread as the video states. The walls of the house are inedible foil backed insulation board. Only the interior features qualify.

  • Ryan Jordan

    I may want to become a Biscuiteer. Pretty much, think with that title I would get the respect my melting snow man gigerbread cookies and chocolate dipped cherry mouses never earned me. Where do I apply?

  • Amanda Dushan

    Thanks for sharing this, Paul! The gingerbread Waddesdon Manor looks amazing! Let’s hope that Hansel and Gretel don’t try and eat it.

  • Jasmine

    Pee-Wee, guess what! You were mentioned in the Gilmore Girls revival. Right at the very end when they’re talking about who Rory should marry, her mom’s first suggestion is you! I’m sure someone has already told you but just in case no one had I thought you should know. 😄