LOOK at This Upside-Down Christmas Tree!!

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LOOK at THIS! There’s an UPSIDE-DOWN Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling at Tate Britain in London! It has gilded roots! 


Iranian artist Shirazeh Houshiary created this upended ornament-free tree specifically for the Tate, reimagining a nearly-identical one she made for the art gallery in 1993.

It’s designed to be viewed from three different floors.

The artist said, “I would like us to contemplate that the pine tree is one of the oldest species and recognise the roots are the source of its continued stability, nourishment and longevity.  As the roots remain hidden, it is best to seek what is hidden rather than what is apparent. As a Buddhist monk wrote, ‘An old pine tree preaches wisdom.'”

Want an upside-down Christmas tree for yourself? They’re definitely a THING! Get one here!

Where will Santa leave the gifts though?!


  • Helen Gircko

    Abrupt turn of events. But I am more concerned about the Wotan’s fate: according to myth he should hang upside down on the fir tree. Now what?
    And about Santa – he still can leave gifts UNDER the tree … this is just another side. Thank you, Pee-wee, it’s wonderful work. Sometimes it is useful to be upside down…

  • Amanda Dushan

    An upside-down Christmas tree? I never heard, or seen, one, until I read this amazing log.
    I wonder if my little cousin will like it? He loves Christmas trees!

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    Well Pee Wee that artist sure gave a “fancy smancy” explination for what seems to me you nailed at the start of your blog. It’s a tree…and it upside down. Good question regarding as to where Santa would leave the gifts though. So I will leave a “fancy shmancy” answer to that. “The tree would not receive such gifts, for a tree without ornaments is not a Christmas tree at all and is mearly a tree that hangs as such” Thanks for the post!;)