These Animal ‘Pop-up’ Lamps Are SO COOL!!

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When she was a child, Tel Aviv-based designer Chen Bikovski was fascinated by pop-up books.

Now, as an adult, she’s created a set of wall lamps inspired by the “magical world” of pop-up books! 

Take a look! Some of her lamps are made out of aluminum and some out of cardboard. They don’t actually “pop up” but…


When the lamps are turned on, a pattern in light appears on the wall. Giving a peacock its wings…


And a deer its antlers…!!

animal-lights-popup-lighting-deer-2 animal-lights-popup-lighting-deer

Neat, huh?!

You can buy these cool transforming lamps at Popup Lighting, Bikovski’s company. 


3 Responses to “These Animal ‘Pop-up’ Lamps Are SO COOL!!”

  1. Helen Gircko

    It gives the interior an almost mystical appearance. Miraculous idea, thanks!

  2. Amanda Dushan

    Yes, Paul, the lamps are neat. In fact, they’re SUPER neat!
    By the way, I love pop-up books, too.

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