Disco Ball Cement Mixer!!!

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What do you get when you put 3,500 mirrored tiles on a truck that spins? A DISCO BALL CEMENT MIXER, of course!!



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This mobile disco is an art installation by French artist Benedetto Bufalino titled LA BÉTONNIÈRE BOULE À FACETTES. Bufalino created it for the city of Lyon’s recent Fetes des Lumieres, their “Festival of Lights.” With disco music blasting and a spotlight shining on the truck’s mirrored, spinning body, he invited people to participate in a dance party on the street! 

All construction sites should be this cool!


A cement mixing truck isn’t the only ordinary object that Bufalino has transformed into something extraordinary, he’s also made an aquarium out of a phone booth (and lots more!)!

Check out his portfolio of playful installations on his website

  • Helen Gircko

    Ah, Pee-wee, I’m sob. Eyes hurt to look at it! The construction process got rhythm of the disco … and it probably will improve the quality of the concrete! Absolutely brilliant, thank you, thank you … and for links again, thank you! That’s things!

  • Amanda Dushan

    That cement mixer looks groovy!
    Bufalino has a lot of extraordinary stuff on his site.

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    Aww that post really “rung my bell” Pee Wee! Thanks!;)

  • regularg0nz0

    I always wondered what The Construction Worker from The Village People drove. Huh.