• Helen Gircko

    Oh. That’s why our local cats screamed such loud…today they celebrate the New Year! As regards the invention, especially nice … that it in two colors. Of course, humanistic task of this “cat” is clear, but nothing compares with lively cat. However, they are also cute. Thanks!

  • This is adorable Paul! Love it! ❤ may this year bring you & all a time of Zen (peaceful tranquility) joy & much happiness.

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    Well Pee Wee, I know you asked what my favorite post of yours was last year and I have to say that it was….everyone! Honestly, I could not make a choice for the life of me. However, I certainly have to say this post would rank as one of my all time faves. What an absolutely magical idea!! I don’t have dementia, well as far as I know lol. But I want one for my self!!

  • Amanda Dushan

    Aw! That Robotic Kitty is so cute! I want one. Though,I would have to keep it in my room because of my aunt’s dog, who happens to be real, by the way.