These Combophotos Mix & Match Ordinary Objects!! So Clever!!

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Stephen McMennamy, an art director in Atlanta, combines two images to make one really cool one!

He calls them “Combophotos” and they are really clever!

They remind me a little of those mix and match flip children’s books. Take a look!

46 balloons + chairlift ?? perhaps the most impractical/fun chairlift ever? once again, balloons proved to be the usual pain in the butt. I kept an eye on the weather for a while before getting the ideal conditions of clear skies and low wind. on meteorological paper you could say I got both, but the slightest breeze wreaks all sorts of havoc on balloons. what you see here was an early (and fortuitous) shot, by the end of this brief, early morning shoot, strings were tangled up like one big balloon dreadlock. check out the wind blown twisted mess over on @combophotofail. I started with 50 balloons and a small helium tank… only four popped during their transport from my kitchen to my favorite parking deck, hence the 46. R.I.P. ????. oh and between us, I yell at balloons almost every time I shoot them. yell like a crazy person. not a fan. I fell better now. #combophoto @jasonsmithatl, I started down the helicopter path based on your suggestion, but this is where I ended up. I tried.

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paintbrush + spaghetti This definitely wasn’t my favorite #combophoto of 2016, but it was definitely the most interesting as far as social experiments go. I put it to a vote with another similar execution. This one was the overwhelming favorite, which I never would’ve guessed. Just proof that I’m bad at judging my own work. Also, I did this on an absolute whim. I literally threw it together before work one morning. I do love how utterly random these things can come together sometimes. On some re-posts there was a lot of positive sentiments coupled with a lot of scrutiny over my bad photoshop skills. All that said, it was the most entertaining from #2016. Thanks for all the support last year, you guys made it great.

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tree trunk + elephant trunk I’ve been wanting to do something with an elephant for a while now, but two things happened with that, I never felt like I had a super solid idea and I don’t have access to elephants. Like ever. Cut to me in the Bahamas over thanksgiving and I couldn’t help but notice how a lot of the palm trees grew low out the ground and every one of them looked like an elephant head… to me anyway. So that’s what rattled around in my head and it quickly led to me obsessing over how to find a way to combine the two. And though I prefer to shoot these #combophotos myself, I also knew my elephant access was super limited. So rather than booking a flight to Africa I went online trying to find the perfect elephant. Which I did and what I found just so happened to work perfectly. This beautiful elephant image was captured behind the lens of Jez Bennett, a phenomenal nature photographer based in Zimbabwe. Huge thanks to Jez and please check out more of his work at… And a final thanks to the world wide web for being so world wide. A photo posted by stephen mcmennamy (@smcmennamy) on

excavator + ice cream cone just a slight refresh of a past #combophoto.

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Aren’t they great?! He takes the photos himself too, not relying on images found on the Internet. Impressive!

Be sure to follow the artist on Instagram! That’s where he showcases all his work. Also, his most popular Combophotos are available to buy as high-quality prints!

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