EARrings, Earrings That Look Like EARS!!

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What? WHAT?!


These are EARrings, earrings that look like real human ears!! Creepy? Cool? CREEPYCOOL!

Artist Nadja Buttendorf makes them and they are available in all kinds of colors!


via Dangerous Minds

Not sure if they are for sale or not. Ask the artist to find out, because who wouldn’t want extra ears?



  • When I first saw this I thought it was two twins standing back-to-back with their hair tied together.

  • Helen Gircko

    Oh, it’s lovely. For some reason ears in art and in jewelry less commonly used than the hands, feet and eyes. But they, too, are beautiful (especially if you take into account the individuality of the ears)!!!
    And it’s very touching – to remove and clean them, and put in a box for the night. And by the way, if to wear artificial ears and in them a real earrings – it’s will be very spectacular. Also, if skillfully combine of different shades of ears, then …. In short, this is a brilliant idea. Thank you for sharing, Pee-wee !!!

  • Pee-wee Herman Fan

    Very Ear-y and ring-y 👂🏻💍!! Thanks for sharing!! I hope you have a fun and superb Saturday Paul ☺️😃!! Love you 😘 ❤️!!

    Pretty please if you have the time check me out on Instagram!! 😆

  • This reminds of a science fiction film with aliens.. has 2-3 eyes ears.. have a fabulous day Paul.

  • Amanda Dushan

    Earrings that look like ears? I those look creepycool.