Use Chopsticks to Solve These Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles From Japan!!

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There are jigsaw puzzles and then there are jigsaw puzzles

 These “hell” puzzles from Japan are super difficult to complete. While each one has just 300 pieces, those pieces are all similarly colored. Plus, to make it extra challenging, a pair of chopsticks is included to pick up each piece individually and put them into place!!

LOOK! This one depicts white rice…


This is what it looks like after it’s painstakingly completed… yikes!


The Rice “hell” puzzle is available online for $30.

This puzzle depicts soybeans…


Same deal: chopsticks are included to complete it!



The soybean “hell” puzzle is available for $28 online.


  • finhook

    In Canada we have jigsaw puzzles that feature polar bears in snow storms that come with a pair of mittens!

  • Helen Gircko

    I want it – that’s all I can say. Just want. This stunning RESULT worth the effort. Even if after that I’ll never be able to look at the rice, and my brain will turn to soybeans. Thank you, Pee-wee!

  • A challenge of the mind indeed and with chopsticks.. one of the greatest things to conquer. say for example a jigsaw puzzle such as this, at first you say how can I put this together? Then it’s mind power or maybe rather mind over matter either way you got the tools to accomplish this fine task.. and yes though painstakingly enough you complete this jigsaw puzzle.. only one saying comes to mind regarding this, You can do anything you put your mind (heart & soul) to, very much so.. thanks so very much for sharing this wonderful blog Paul!! Wishing you a Zen day?

  • Amanda Dushan

    I’m not a huge puzzle person, and I’m horrible at using chopsticks. So, putting these puzzles together would be “hell!”
    But, thank you for sharing, anyway.