This Barber Makes Amazing Art on People’s Heads!!

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Rob the Original is a barber in San Antonio, Texas, but he’s more than that. Rob is also an artist. He creatively shaves and paints amazing images on people’s heads! You have to see it to believe it!


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2016 most viewed and liked ??


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He also makes portraits in HAIR TRIMMINGS…

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And SALT! This is Ellen!


Want to see more of his amazing work? Check out his Facebook page and his website!

Want a special haircut by Rob the Original of your own? Here’s what he charges!

  • Beautiful art by this wonderful artist indeed Paul! Wishing you a fantastic day! ?? I saw the episode of Gotham mad city ghosts you were in last night, loved the plot & twisted ending great job!

  • Helen Gircko

    Occiput is one of the best places to showcase their tastes, interests and preferences. And it’s a great platform for the artist statements. Wonderful! Hair generally is marvelous creative material, do not you, Pee-wee? The only pity is that they are (the hair) very fast growing and requires the efforts…. again and again…and again. Thank you and thanks for the links!

  • Amanda Dushan

    Talk about combing your job with what you love! Rob the Original is amazing and talented!

  • Helen Gircko

    I join to the compliments, though belatedly. It was a lovely chapter of the Gothic novel (in the classical sense of the term). I can only say that mournful look of ghost can break the heart… can force to send people to hell … (it seems like the Furies really tormented the “ghost”, although it is possible to find the fraction of the grotesque in this scene).
    It’s amazing subtle and refined acting job with subtle shade of irony. Touchingly, ominously and a little bit funny… Thanks to Mr. Reubens! (And excuse me, Pee-wee, what I write about it in this place and in this time)