Happy Pie Day!!

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Today is PIE DAY (not Pi Day, that’s March 14th!)!!

A great day to stencil me, Pee-wee Herman, on a pumpkin pie like Nerdist’s Jenn Fujikawa did!



Recipe and stencil tutorial here.

P.S. It’s also National Measure Your Feet Day. I’m not kidding!

measure feet
  • Helen Gircko

    Your image – the best decoration for any pie, Pee-wee. The only pity is that the pie – it’s ephemeral thing … But if your image is forever imprinted in the heart – I should not worry about it.
    Special thanks for the mention of a second important date. I have not done that… so long – and in vain – maybe something has changed, and I still buy shoes size 6. Thanks!

  • Fabulous blog Paul!
    I’d say I enjoy French Silk pie. And
    Regarding feet day, Reminds me of your show playhouse when cowboy Curtis says he wishes for new boots and that joke about big feet. Wishing you a wonderful Monday ❤🦋

  • Amanda Dushan

    Now, a pumpkin pie is floating in my head, and making me hungry. But as of now, there are no pies in the house.