Today is National Compliment Day!

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January 24 is National Compliment Day!


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  1. Helen Gircko

    Thank you. Beautiful pictures. And why in Compliments day I can never find the right words? You great, wonderful, amazing, charming, playful and cheerful person, Pee-wee, but it’s hard facts, not the compliments …. in any case, allow me to wish you a perfect day!

  2. Amanda Dushan

    Here are some compliments I have for you, Paul: You’re amazing, you’re kind, you’re talented, you make me laugh, and you’re an inspiration for many of us.

  3. laura valentina

    Dear Paul,
    First & foremost I like to Thank you for, being You! Your gift of making others laugh & bringing a smile to their faces including myself, is priceless. When I was younger fond memories of your beloved show playhouse was and has always been an inspiration even now I watch it love the vivid colors and your sense of humor. The saying is, Much like the IT girl, and to me, you are the IT guy ❤ full of life always teaching countless others myself included, to live life, be happy it’s OK to express who you are as a person.. Paul, you are the best, have & always will be forever! Wishing you a beautiful day! ❤?

  4. laura valentina

    Dear Paul,
    Thank you for sharing this blog, very kind, considerate and amazing. its not everyday someone a complete stranger smiles at you, without any verbal words, that smile says a million words in one. this blog is just that. Awesome with a capital A.

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