A Saudi Prince Bought Plane Tickets For His 80 Falcons!!

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This is crazy! A Saudi prince bought plane tickets for his 80 falcons!! 



This photo was taken by the plane’s pilot and was posted on reddit by his friend.

A redditor commented that this isn’t unusual:

“…It’s not an unusual sight to see falcons on planes like this, it’s a natural occurrence in the Arab States. Falconry is steeped in history in the Arab states and the falconer’s birds are revered and treasured. An awful lot of the Falcons are bred in the UK and other places as the heat has an impact on breeding. I have bred and flown falcons from the UK to Qatar and the UAE At any check in desk in the Arab States Falcons can be found sat on a perch next to the falconer. I would assume that these Falcons are on their way to a hunting meet, as typically a member of a Royal Family would have the Falcons transported on seat backs and not on flat tables. If ever a flat piece of wood is fashioned as a perch for Falcons to sit on, then a rug is used for grip and then discarded after the flight. Believe me, a Royal Family member is not going to let a £25,000 to £50,000 falcon sit on bare wood. A member of one of the Royal Family specifically hires a complete plane and nothing but his birds and his falconers are on that plane. The falconer breeders at the departure end meticulously use defogger machines to sanitise the aircraft before the birds are put on the aircraft. The falconers that come with the aircraft are designated with birds to look after during the flight. The falcons paperwork, including their passports, CITES registration, health certificates and ring registrations are handed and checked by the falconer as they take the falcon aboard the aircraft.”

Wow! I didn’t know that!!



  • A beautiful blog indeed Paul! These are amazing creatures of nature! Lovely. Have a wonderful day. ? ?

  • Helen Gircko

    I think this is lovely! After all, if the Falcons flew naturally (without caps), would have to spend the same amount in order to catch them and gather together. Birds seem to feel good. Besides, it’s so cute absurd – flying of winged creatures on the airplane. I think that in his (prince) place I would have done the same, Pee-wee, and you – too. Thanks for the info!!! Brilliant fact!
      P.S. I once had the opportunity to participate in the Falconry … I can say that it’s worth it to buy plane tickets for the birds!

  • Barrie Getz

    I used to fly yearly from coast to coast with my two cockatiels…. As I would vacation in the west, during the winter. Had them in a modified cat-carrier, under the seat in front of me. It was often hilarious to hear the random “Chirp, chirp!” come from or the other, during the flight. The stewards loved seeing them, and they even were invited into the cockpit for a viewing once; because the Captain apparently had a cockatiel at home, and was surprised to hear that he was flying two of them to California (rather than having them fly themselves! LOL!). Good times. Thanks for this article!

  • My comment isn’t related at all – I just went to see the movie Sing the ore day and there’s a fantastic Rube Goldberg breakfast machine that the mother pig makes to do the morning routine for her 25 piglets when she can’t be home. I immediately thought of you Pee-Wee. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should because it’s pretty good and you’d definitely get a kick out of those machines. I tried to find a video clip to share with you but can’t fine one yet.

  • Amanda Dushan

    I didn’t know that either! Thank you for sharing, as usual.