Super Bowl Sunday Snack Stadiums!

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It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Time for SNACK STADIUMS!!


Snack-Stadium-1 Snack-Stadium-2 Snack-Stadium-3 Snack-Stadium-4 Snack-Stadium-5 Snack-Stadium-6 Snack-Stadium-7 Snack-Stadium-8 Snack-Stadium-9 Snack-Stadium-10

Did you make a Snack Stadium for the big game? Show me in the comments!

  • H8creator

    These all look scrumptious! Happy Super Bowl everyone!

  • A most festive day today & what best in honor of super bowl Sunday. Paul your blog is of Culinary elegance! Have a wonderful day! 🦋

  • Helen Gircko

    Sorry, I’ll not do it, because I am afraid to eat all snack long before the finish. But I promise to admire each new model. Thank you for the news of the genre, Pee-wee. The civilization of ancient Rome would not have died so ignominiously, if they guessed build their stadiums in such a way…

  • Pee-wee Herman Fan

    Very stadium-y and food-y!! Thanks for sharing this Paul!! I hope you have a very amazing day!! 😘😘

    Please if you haven’t check out my Pee-wee Herman/Paul Reubens inspired page on Instagram when you get the chance!! ☺️☺️


  • Amanda Dushan

    I may not be a big fan of The Superbowl, but I do love the Snack Stadiums that you shared with us. Too bad, I didn’t make one to share in the comments.