Now They Make Rube Goldberg TOYS!!

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Described as “hilarious and complex contraptions devised to perform simple tasks,” Rube Goldberg machines are the coolest!!

For example, my Big Adventure Breakfast Machine is one!

Get this, now there are Rube Goldberg TOYS!! It’s true! LOOK!

This is the Rube Goldberg Garden Challenge toy (“Use buoyancy and pulleys to water the flower and make it grow”):


This one is called the Acrobat Challenge (learn about “gravity and spring forces to make the acrobat fly”):



The Speeding Car Challenge uses gravity and air pressure (and a plastic chicken!) to launch a car! 


For the Fly Trap Challenge, use a spoon, a frog and a gumball to catch a fly!


There are more here. Most of them are available at Target.


Now, if you are in the Seattle, Washington area, get thee to the Museum of Pop Culture for the The Art of Rube Goldberg exhibit

P.S. They also now make digital Rube Goldberg games!

  • Tracey Mclaughlin

    wow…interesting. fun for all ages!

  • Helen Gircko

    I just cry now and it is the sweetest tears of my life! It’s so wonderful, funny and charmingly. Tell me that is not a dream! I should wake up and buy it all …. and disassemble into parts and then assemble all the models into one.
      Thank you, Pee-wee !!!

  • This is wonderful Paul, because these toys inspire the younger generation to invent be creative & have a love for both Art & science (Math too). The Art of the matter in creating & the science of structural mechanics of this.. equation needs math as well. Have a wonderful day! 🦋

  • Amanda Dushan

    These look amazing!. I think my young cousin would love to play with something like that! He loves to tinker with things and see how they work.

  • Joseph Mark Pierce II

    I would get addicted to this very quickly.