Brrrr!! There’s a Crazy Hair-Freezing Contest at a Canadian Hot Springs!!

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At Takhini Hot Pools in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory (Northwest Canada), they host a COOL hair-freezing contest! Brave contestants soak in a hot pool of water (roughly 40° Celsius/104° Fahrenheit) and then dunk their heads under water. When they emerge, the air is so cold (-30° Celsius/-22° Fahrenheit) that they can start “styling” their icy hair!


Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-1 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-2 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-3 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-4 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-5 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-6 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-7 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-8 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-9

images via Takhini’s Facebook, via The Chive

Would YOU try it? (They offer cash prizes!!)

  • Helen Gircko

    No thanks. For the money – no. For the sake of laughter – perhaps. This is a natural barbershop, where every hairstyle – natural masterpiece. So cute. Only my hair in a normal state is not very different from the effects of these experiments. So that…
    However, thanks, Pee-wee!

  • This calls for the creative use of
    Bio-Freeze.. or an extensive, excessive use of Aqua Net Hair spray along with pomade extreme hold gel then just put your head in the freezer until you are frozen.. anyhow Paul love this blog, and on the subject of discussion of all things frozen, here’s to a frozen yogurt kind of day.. ??

  • Chris Wheeler

    ha ha! pretty “cool” ha ha

  • I love this way too much.

  • Joseph Mark Pierce II

    It looks cool! (Get it?) Maybe I would do it if it wasn’t so cold.

  • bonniefide

    Now this is something that is going on my bucket list!

  • Amanda Dushan

    No, I would not try it. However, thank you for sharing.

  • Robert E Castor

    I try everything once