Brrrr!! There’s a Crazy Hair-Freezing Contest at a Canadian Hot Springs!!

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At Takhini Hot Pools in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory (Northwest Canada), they host a COOL hair-freezing contest! Brave contestants soak in a hot pool of water (roughly 40° Celsius/104° Fahrenheit) and then dunk their heads under water. When they emerge, the air is so cold (-30° Celsius/-22° Fahrenheit) that they can start “styling” their icy hair!


Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-1 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-2 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-3 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-4 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-5 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-6 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-7 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-8 Takhini-Hot-Springs-hair-freezing-9

images via Takhini’s Facebook, via The Chive

Would YOU try it? (They offer cash prizes!!)