• Helen Gircko

    I will not say that in recent years I often looking for any kind of chips (and shrimp), but in general – as well as in the details – it’s not a bad idea. For example if someone urgently need to feed the mice …. And I like this bag – from an aesthetic point of view. Thank you, Pee-wee!( for links also!!!)

  • Draculasaurus

    I’m scared to click on the MaleCrimp link!

  • Paul.. Ok.. at first I thought this read FALL chips, to crush which in the significance of the season of Autumn one would know the saying.. usually when walking. To crush autumn leaves or chips or maybe acorns.. 😊
    have a wonderful weekend 🦋 I know it’s winter..

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    Lol, Pee Wee! Thanks for the post. The ending reminded me a bit of “he keeps knitting..and knitting..and knitting! Stop!…I know!, lol

  • Amanda Dushan

    Since I do eat broken chips, from time to time, I may give these a try!

  • Joseph Mark Pierce II

    Me wants!!