Happy Presidents’ Day!

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On the 3rd Monday of each and every February, we celebrate Presidents’ Day in the United States. It was originally an unofficial holiday to honor our first President George Washington’s birthday whose real birthdate is February 22, 1732. Presidents’ Day became official in 1879 when President Rutherford B. Hayes passed a law making it a federal holiday. In 1971, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was enacted so (most) workers can have the long weekend off. 

Here’s something interesting: We commonly celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on this day too, though unofficially, as Presidents’ Day was only meant to be a day to honor George Washington. It’s probably because Lincoln’s real birthdate is a February date too, he was born on the 12th in 1809.

Since it’s Presidents’ Day, let’s talk about Washington’s teeth… they weren’t made of wood! 

Here’s a look at the only remaining full pair of his (decidedly-not-wood) dentures, which can be found in the collections at Mount Vernon:


The teeth in those dentures are from animals and other people!

Unfortunately, Washington had all kinds of dental issues which caused him a lot of distress. You can read all about his dental woes over at the Mount Vernon website.

Hope you’re having a great LONG weekend!

  • Wonderful blog Paul! In celebration of this historic day! Wishing you a beautiful relaxing weekend. ❤?

  • Amanda Dushan

    Thanks for this blog!
    Yes, I’m enjoying my long weekend.

  • Here in Ontario, Canada it’s also a holiday but it’s called Family Day. It’s a provincial holiday which is kind of strange here in Ottawa where I live because all the federal government employees (which is a huge percentage of the city!) still have to go to work while everyone else gets the day off.