This is the World’s Largest Playable Ukulele!! It’s 13-Feet Long!!

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When it comes to ukuleles, Michigan’s Larry Stump isn’t messing around!


photo by Kevin Scott Ramos for Guinness World Records

He built a 13-foot long playable and tunable ukulele, which Guinness World Records has deemed the WORLD’S LARGEST!!


via Elderly Instruments Facebook

It took him three months and about $600 to build the oversized instrument and he admits it’s not “quite as melodic” as a regular ol’ ukulele. Watch this video to HEAR what it sounds like:

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worlds-largest-ukulele-3 Bizarro
  • Helen Gircko

    It sounds like ukulele became an adult and spoke in a deep voice. My love for the ukulele increased by exactly 13 feet (later I’ll try to count volume). Bravo, Larry Stump, it was a big idea! A little too big for a small guitar, but it’s cute. Thank you, Pee-wee !!!

  • Draculasaurus

    If anyone makes an Incredible Shrinking Hipster movie, they’re going to need this.

  • This is a beloved blog Paul, I especially liked the bizarre comic regarding the conversation of the guitar.. you’ve brought a smile upon my Face this afternoon. I say to you Paul, Heres to today, a day of guitars ? and more things of the Bizarre. Love it ❤

  • Amanda Dushan

    Someone from my state, Michigan, builds an awesome looking instrument! Thank you for sharing this blog with us, Paul!

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    Ha! Love that comic Pee Wee!