Look at This Amazing Motorcycle by Eccentric Artist Grayson Perry!!

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This is British artist Grayson Perry standing by his amazing motorcycle, which is officially called “Kenilworth AM1” and unofficially referred to as the Popemobile! He describes his quirky ride as “Mexican Day of the Dead meets Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 


Let’s take a closer look…

Do you see the bear (more on him below)? How about the word “doubt”? Patience!


Humility too…


On the back of the bike is a throne within a shrine where his beloved Teddy bear Alan Measles sat during their performance-art tour of Germany a few years ago!


This is Alan Measles. He’s been the artist’s friend since childhood.


The bike itself, a Harley-Davidson Knucklehead, was crafted by Battistini’s UK based on the artist’s sketch.


His art for the bike lives in the Royal Collection Trust collections:

Kenilworth-AM-1 Patience-3

most images via Kickass Strips and The Vintagent

  • Helen Gircko

    Oh, how lovely! Absolutely brilliant combination of toy store, Gingerbread House, Mexican rhythms, painted skulls and a motorcycle at full speed. Every detail is priceless! Thank you, Pee-wee, I’m definitely a fan of this thing …. (despite humility). It is necessary that Grayson Perry hid it better … I’m afraid to steal it!
    For links special thank you!

  • Paul, this is beautifully artistic & Adorable as well! The artist did a wonderful job in creating his masterpieces. Here’s to day of Art appreciation. Love it ❤

  • Amanda Dushan

    That is one sweet bike! Patients and Humility are great values to have.

  • Nice waste of a beautifully rendered and superbly polished knucklehead engine. A very interesting and nicely illustrated article though.

  • Harry Miller

    Alot of my Harley riding buddies get all kinds of upset when I post pictures of this bike! This bike is called a ‘Knuklehead’ which was made by Harley from 1936 through 1947. In it’s orginal form it can fetch anywhere from 25,000 to 75,000 Dollars. The purists just go nuts when they see this!