TGIF!! It’s World Bartender Day!

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February 24th is World Bartender Day, a great day to celebrate your local bar staff!

Who remembers the Charley Weaver bartender toy from the early sixties? In fully-working ones, his ears actually SMOKED!

(If you don’t know who “Charley Weaver” is, go here to learn about him!)

dog-bartender Lady-bartender

Tip your bartender well, they work hard! TGIF!!

  • This is an Epic blog Paul! Reminds me of charley McCarthy & magic shows.. (ventriloquist & magic) based upon the pictures in this blog.. here’s to a wonderful weekend to all & you, Paul! ❤??

  • Amanda Dushan

    Happy World Bartender day, to all the bartenders out there!
    I love the pictures where the dogs are being bartenders.